Moses Wong

                                 Moses Wong has retired from Medicine since May 2014

                                     Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery -
                                                   University of Hong Kong 1968
                                            Diploma of Psychological Medicine (UK) 1971
                                            Fellow of the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners  1983
                                           Graduate Diploma of Mental Health Sciences (Clinical Hypnosis) -
                                                   University of Melbourne 1998

                          Quit Smoking Without Willpower  2016

                                    NEW BOOK available through   
                                    as paper back and eBook

                                    In the early stage of my quit smoking clinic, I tried to increase the
                                    willpower of my patients to quit smoking and the results were very
                                    poor.  Through the years of my search and experience, I understand
                                    the psycho-pathology of why smokers enjoy their smoke and why
                                    they keep going back even when they quit.  This book explains the
                                    concept of willpower and how smokers can quit without willpower. 
                                    This book is a record of my final stage of the quit program.

                                    This book will help both the smokers and therapists.  This can also
                                    help smokers who want to quit with Nicotine patch or Nicotine gum.

                          eBook - you can download into your ipad iphone or any tablet - by using
                                    Kindle app which is a free application.
                          Other books from Moses Wong

                          You Can Sleep      2013
                                    is available through - paper back and eBook

                                    Most people cannot sleep because they believe they can make themselves
                                    sleep like doing other body functions like having a drink or going to toilet. 
                                    The truth is sleep is a biological activity purposely designed that we cannot
                                    do it at will like going to toilet.  If we can DO sleep whenever we can,
                                    one day we may accidentally do sleep at the wrong place, such as top of a
                                    ladder and injured ourselves.   We can only sleep when we sense there is
                                    no danger around.   'Danger stops sleep' is an instinct for our survival.

                                    This is why someone cannot sleep in their bed and they may sleep in the
                                    armchair in front of the TV. In bed they try too hard to sleep, and the more
                                    they try the more hard.  This failure to do sleep has created a lot of stress
                                    and becomes a danger in our subconscious to stop sleep.

                                    This book explains the psychopathology of sleep and how you may be able
                                    to sleep in bed as if you are in the armchair in front of the TV.
                       Tired of Being Tired      2005
                                    (How To Activate Your Sleep Switch)
                                    Out of print, but available in most Australian Libraries

                       Sleep Without Drugs     1989

                           Out of print, translated into Italian.  Still available in some Australian Libraries